2012 Perennial Report

Welcome to The Morton Arboretum’s perennial report, where we are proud to share highlights of our work in 2012, thank our supporters, and provide information on our financial position. The Arboretum is a place of great beauty. But beyond that beauty lies a deep, rich heritage of science, education, conservation, and doing great work worldwide for the future of trees.

From Our President

Dear Arboretum Friends,

Thank you for helping to make The Morton Arboretum what it is today: a place of beauty, plus a significant collection of trees, a respected source of knowledge and education, and an influential leader in tree science and conservation. Your support makes possible the important work we do, now in our 90th year, and propels us to carry our mission into the future to plant and save trees beyond our 1,700 acres.

In 1922, Joy Morton set out to create “a great outdoor museum” to collect, display, and study trees and other woody plants. The Arboretum of today surely fulfills his vision. Accreditation in 2012 by the American Alliance of Museums demonstrates that the Arboretum truly has become one of the great museums of the world.

Building upon his family’s tree-planting mission, Mr. Morton sought to make the world greener, healthier, and more beautiful. Thanks to donors like you, we are carrying out those goals.

For children, seeing sprouts emerge from seeds they’ve planted, identifying leaves, or observing seasonal color changes can awaken a lifelong interest in trees and nature. When education classes motivate people to discover the relationship of trees to the environment, create art inspired by nature, or become woodland stewards, our purpose is at work. When Arbor Day activities spur people to plant and appreciate trees, we are shaping the future.

In 2012, we renewed our tree-breeding program and added to our world-class plant collections. Our leadership raised standards for arboreta and other tree-focused public gardens. We furthered the reach of our scientific research program, developed strategies for tree and urban forest improvement in the greater Chicago area, and forged international partnerships to protect some of the world’s most threatened trees.

Please take a moment to learn more about what we accomplished as a result of your support. At the Arboretum, there’s great landscape beauty, plus a host of programs and services cultivated over 90 years and still growing. On behalf of the Arboretum, and on behalf of trees, I thank you.

With appreciation,
Gerard T. Donnelly, PhD
President and CEO

The Magnolia Story

The Magnolia Story

Magnolias are the favorite tree of Kunso Kim, head of collections and curator at The Morton Arboretum, especially
in spring when they bloom. But in those blossoms he sees more than just graceful form and sculptured beauty. He sees
plants that have flourished for millions of years, but whose very survival is no longer assured.

Many species of magnolias are endangered or threatened today, Kim says, because of climate change, because people
harvest their bark for medicinal purposes, and because their native habitat is being disturbed or developed.

The Morton Arboretum is working worldwide to protect these spectacular trees. Arboretum expeditions collect seeds
of endangered magnolias from China and elsewhere in Asia and give them a haven in our 1,700-acre outdoor living museum
so that the genes of all these species may be preserved. Sixty kinds of magnolias thrive in our internationally known collection.

We also work with Chinese botanical gardens to conserve these remarkable trees in their own collections and in
magnolias’ native habitats.

The magnolia story is just one example of our commitment to beauty, plus sophisticated scientific and conservation
work to understand, save and plant trees and plants throughout the world.

Highlights of our achievements in 2012

Facts from 2012

visitors in 2012


gardeners helped by the Plant Clinic

plants added to the collections

increase in website visits

media stories

member households

in philanthropic contributions

institutions in the Morton Register of Arboreta

participants in education programs

scientific papers published

visitors to the Children’s Garden

Supporters in 2012

Board of Trustees



  • W. Robert Reum, Chairman
    Chairman, President, and CEO
    Amsted Industries Inc.
  • James F. Dickerson, Vice Chairman
    Managing Director
    Banc of America Leasing & Capital LLC
  • Henry B. Pearsall, Secretary
    Civic Leader
  • Walter W. Becky II, Treasurer
    Chairman Emeritus
    Morton Salt

  • Stephen W. Baird
    President and CEO

    Baird & Warner, Inc.
  • Anna Caroline Ball

    President and CEO

    Ball Horticultural Company
  • Christopher B. Burke

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  • Robert L. Fealy
    President, Chief Operating Officer and Director
    The Duchossois Group
  • Stephen C. Gieser

    Wheaton Eye Clinic
  • Thomas E. Gleitsman
    Chairman and CEO
    Exron Capital
  • Ann Grube
Civic Leader
  • Fanee Haleas
    Vice President

    Bridgeview Bank Group
  • Darrell B. Jackson
    Personal Financial Services-Illinois

    Northern Trust
  • Kenneth Koranda
    Retired President
    MidAmerica Bank
  • Amy Louis
    Civic Leader
  • Timothy M. Murray

    Chicago Growth Partners
  • John Oleniczak
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Robert J. Schillerstrom
    Ice Miller LLP
  • Lee S. Selander

    Retired Executive Vice President

    Northern Trust
  • Donald C. Sharp
    SVP Enterprise Services
  • Catherine Slark
    Civic Leader


  • Elisabeth Bacon

  • Cleve Carney

  • Natalie Culley

  • Gerard T. Donnelly, PhD

    The Morton Arboretum

    Board of Advisors

    • Lee S. Selander, Chairman*
      Retired Executive Vice President
      Northern Trust
    • George Berry IV
      TC Industries
    • Michael Bushman
      Retired Vice President of Global Policy
      and Communications
    • Emilia DiMenco
      Chief Operating Officer
      Women’s Business Development Center
    • Joel Eurich
      Director, Global Environmental, Health & Safety
      Molex Incorporated
    • Ted Haffner
      Associate Landscape Designer
      Terry Guen Design Associates
    • Allan Immelman
      Managing Partner, Chicago
      Solomon Edwards Group
  • Scott Jamieson
    Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
    and National Recruiting
    Bartlett Tree Experts
  • K’Lynne Johnson
    Chief Executive Officer and Director
    Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.
  • Connie Keller
    Civic Leader
  • Kenneth Koranda*
    Retired President
    MidAmerica Bank
  • Margie Lawless
    Senior Vice President of Small Business Banking
    BMO Harris Bank N.A.
  • Charles P. McQuaid
    President and Chief Investment Officer
    Columbia Wanger Asset Management, LLC
  • James D. Parsons
    The Brinson Foundation
  • Frederick Paulman
    RMB Capital Management LLC
  • Steve Solomon
    President, Exelon Foundation
    Director of Corporate Relations
    Exelon Corporation
  • Joe Weidenbach
    Senior Vice President & Regional Leader
    The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank
  • Nancy Hamill Winter
    Civic Leader

  • *Trustee of The Morton Arboretum

2012 Dinner Party Committee


  • Sherry and W. Robert Reum, Chairs*
    Mary Ann Anderson
    Anna Caroline Ball*
    Sandy Becky
    Kathy Caluwaert
    Taylor Gleitsman
    Ann Grube*
    Carol Hancock
    Iris Hannon
    Chris Immelman
    Valencia Ray Jackson and Darrell Jackson*
    Amy Louis*
    Sally Porter
    Catherine Slark *

    Planned Giving
    Advisory Committee

    Suzy Peters, Chair
    Stephen Anderson
    Natalie Culley**
    James F. Dickerson*
    Mary Ann Sisco

Gardens and Landscapes
Advisory Committee

  • Anna Caroline Ball, Chair*
    Mary Ann Anderson
    Susan Beard
    Sandy Becky
    Jane Berry
    Karen Brunke
  • Candy Cleveland
    Mary Dickerson
    Pam Donnelly
    Catherine Donovan
    Stephen C. Gieser*
    Ann Grube*
    Marguerite Guido
    Connie Keller
    Susan Koranda
    Posy Krehbiel
    Olive McKay
    Louellen Murray
    Ute O’Malley
    Valencia Ray
    Sherry Reum
    Susan Rot
    Catherine Slark*
    Janice Sommer
    Susan Zurcher

Stewardship Committee


  • Karen Brunke
    Mary Ellyn Madden
    Ann M. Neumann
    Elizabeth Shepard

    Thornhill Society
    Steering Committee

  • Bernie Mack, Chair
    Susan Beard
    Walter W. Becky II*
    Fiona Cummings
    Marianne Dennis
    Janice Mack
    Bonnie Valiant

  • * Trustee of The Morton Arboretum
    ** Life Trustee of The Morton Arboretum

2012 Individual Donors

The Morton Arboretum gratefully
acknowledges the following individuals
and family foundations that made
annual fund contributions from
January 1 through December 31, 2012.



    President’s Council Members
    $50,000 AND ABOVE

    Anna Caroline Ball
    Jane Berry
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McQuaid


    The Buchanan Family Foundation
    Connie and Dennis Keller


President’s Council Members
$10,000 – $24,999

  • Susan and Ken Beard
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Becky II
    Betty J. Bradshaw
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Burke
    Dorothy A. and Michael J. Carbon
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chandler
    Virginia Cook
    Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Croisetiere
    The Dick Family Foundation
    Shirley M. Evans
    Rose and Bob Fealy
    John and Bernice Gardner
    Dr. Stephen Gieser and Dr. Ruth Williams
    Marion H. Giles
    Thomas E. Gleitsman
    Ms. Barbara Jean Gore
    Ann and John Grube
    Fanee and Peter Haleas
    Iris Hannon and Lee S. Selander
    Peggy and Edward Jensen
    Kenneth and Susan Koranda
    Amy and Steve Louis
    Louellen and Tim Murray
    Mr. and Mrs. John Oleniczak
  • Jane and Henry Pearsall
    Sherry and Bob Reum
    Albert J. and Susan E. Rot Foundation
    Don and Ursula Sharp
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Slark
    Mr. Richard J. Walls
    Nancy Hamill Winter


    $5,000 – $9,999

  • Anonymous (2)
    Stephen F. and Mary Ann Anderson
    Stephen and Susan Baird
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bartlett, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bauer
    James and Cynthia Bowhay
    Marianne and Harry Dennis
    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dickerson
    Mary M. Forester
    Darrell B. Jackson and Valencia M. Ray, M.D.
    Fred C. McEwen, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Madhavan Nayar
    Ms. Ann M. Neumann
    Robert Schillerstrom and Mary Beth O’Connor
    Speiser Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. S. Jay Stewart


$2,500 – $4,999

  • Anonymous (3)
    William F. Bucha
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Cleveland
    James and Pamela Crouthamel
    Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly
    Joe and Elaine Gross
    Tom and Elaine Hundrieser
    Allan and Chris Immelman
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Julian
    Dale and Davida Kalina
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lamb
    Mary Ellyn Madden
    Donnie P. Minyard and Lee B. Totzke
    Ms. Angelique Murphy
    China Oughton
    Suzy and Bob Peters
    Quen and Diana Podraza
    Nancy and Warren Rasmussen
    Robert E. Reininga
    Ms. Nancy E. Sindelar and Mr. Michael Freedman
    Ms. Janice Sommer
    Philip Wiederhold
    Mary A. Zell


$1,000 – $2,499

  • Anonymous (9)
    Robert W. Ammann
    Midge and Dan Anderson
    Tom Anderson
    Cushman and Pamela Andrews
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartlett
    Ruth and Tom Bastian
    Penny and Thomas Beerntsen
    Greg Blue
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Braun
    Ms. Marge Brumis
    Karen S. Brunke
    Howard and Moira Buhse
    Mike and Cathy Bushman
    Mr. Richard C. Byrne III
    Steven Canavis
    Mrs. Laurence A. Carton
    Bill and Carol Chittenden
    Peter and Carole Clarke
    Michelle and Steven Clegg
    Drs. Bradley and Sonya Clifford
    Bill and Mary Sue Coates
    Ms. Nancy Cox
    Natalie Culley
    Ms. Fiona Cummings
    Mr. and Mrs. Ray Denson
  • Ms. Emilia DiMenco
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II
    Ms. Catherine M. Donovan
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eberhardt
    Ron and Judy Eshleman
    Joel Eurich
    Lori and Bob Everett
    Claudia F. Fabela
    Anne L. and Mark B. Finn
    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Flynn
    Warren and Nancy Furey
    Hendrica Ghali
    David and Margaret Gibson
    Dr. Richard Gieser
    Susanne and Grant Gilbert
    Jennifer and Ken GoodSmith
    Mary Gower
    Mirja and Ted Haffner
    Mr. Corwith Hamill
    Carol and Jeff Holden
    Huizenga Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jahn
    Georgia and Richard Janzow
    John and Janie Kalchbrenner
    Mr. and Mrs. David W. King
    Mrs. Victoria Klimkiewicz
    Jill Koski and David Ferguson
    Dr. and Mrs. David Kurti
  • Ms. Margarette Lawless
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lillie
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Locke
    Bernard and Janice Mack
    Mr. Donald Mack
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Magerkurth
    Doug and Fran Mains
    Neil J. Maloney, Jr.
    Peter and Meg Mason
    Mary Ellen McArdle
    Richard James McCann Foundation
    Ms. Carole McCluskey and Ms. Cristine Zacher
    Mrs. Neil McKay
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McKee
    The McWethy Foundation
    Dr. and Mrs. Zeyd Merenkov
    David Moore and Diane De Witt Moore
    John and Marilyn Newlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nosworthy
    Mr. and Mrs. John K. Notz, Jr.
    Ute and Reed O’Malley
    Carol and Otto Osterland
    Andrew and Jeanne Pagorek
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parish
    Irma Parker
    Mr. James D. Parsons
    Marni and Fred Paulman
    Nancy and Mike Peske
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rich Pioppo
    Mrs. Linda Post and Mr. Robert Glavin
    Honorable S. Louis Rathje and Dr. Maria Rosa Contanzo
    Sai Ravichandran
    Daniel and Elizabeth Reidy
    Ann and Bob Reiland
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Renwick
    Diane and William Ritchie
    Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberg
    Ms. Celia Rodee and Mr. Peter Cooper
    Carol Jean Rogalski, Ph.D.
    Verie Sandborg
    Bruce and Martha Sanders
    Ted and Dianne Saul
    Mr. Fred Schnitzius and Ms. Marilyn Kujawa
    Mr. Bruce Schreider and Ms. Sandra Berger
    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall T. Scott
    Helen Seren and Ronald Rusnak
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Simon
    Ms. Jeanette Skul
    Ms. Sherry Snyder
    Nick Stanitz and Margaret Bartel-Stanitz
    Mr. and Mrs. Barry Steinmetz
    Louise I. Tausché
    Mr. William A. Thuma, Jr. and Ms. Nancy N. Liddell
    Bill and Sherri Unyi
    Bonnie R. Valiant
    Greg and Wendy Vichick
  • Gail and Darrell Voitik
    Jeffrey and Susan Wagner
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Wark
    Amy and Joe Weidenbach
    Amy and Morris Westerhold
    Tom and Jean Whalls
    Mrs. Donald W. White
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas White
    Peg Wieser and Nadine Roy
    Tim and Lucy Wolkober

  • Partner


  • Anonymous (4)
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Adams
    Kris and Colette Bachtell
    Elisabeth and John Bacon, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Fariborze Barhamand
    Mr. and Mrs. William Barnard
    Mr. Ray Barnett and Ms. Lois Barnett
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bauters
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Becht
    Mr. and Mrs. Duane Bell
    Mr. and Mrs. Darren Berg
    Ms. Janet Berman and Mr. James Hruska
    Dr. and Mrs. John Bodine
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bradley
  • Ms. Joan Brady and Ms. Maggie Savage
    Dr. JoAnne Braun and Mr. Joseph Stang
    Mr. Todd Bruhl and Ms. Amy Wenz
    Bonnie G. Bula
    Timothy Byam
    Mrs. Kim Callahan-Kelly and Mr. Sean Kelly
    Mr. Jeffrey Chen and Ms. Victoria Cheng
    Mr. and Mrs. John G. Corliss
    Ms. Margaret Degnan
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dentice
    Mr. and Mrs. Blair Dickinson
    The Diggs Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Doherty
    Mr. Michael W. Dornacher and Ms. Jo Krafft
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Duck
    Deborah and Thomas Egan
    Ms. Barbara Fanta
    Mr. Kurt Fiene and Ms. Nancy Blum
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fisher
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Folkerts
    Virginia H. Frattinger
    Mr. James Fritz
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Given
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Godfrey
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gorman
    Ms. Paula Graffy
    Judith A. Grey
    Alice Harper
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hebda
    Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Holmes
    Mrs. Nancy Hotchkiss
    Mary Kay and Steve Hyett
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Iacullo
    Mr. Robert Jacobs and Ms. Jennifer Jellings
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jendrzejczyk
    Ms. Elizabeth Jenkins
    Gary and Mary Jewel
    Karen and Roger Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Joyce
    Ms. Kit Keane and Mr. Duncan M. Alexander
    Mr. and Mrs. John King
    Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Koerner
    Mr. and Mrs. James Kosmach
    Dr. Raymond P. Kotz and Dr. Jacqueline A. Vernot
    Sheryl Drohan Kuzanek and Dwight Kuzanek
    Carol and David Largey
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Malloy
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McGue
    Mr. Daniel Meyer and Mrs. Mary Jean Kraybill
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Micatka
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Montgomery
    Gregg and Elizabeth Morton
    Mr. and Mrs. David Mueller
    Mr. John Nowak and Mrs. Chestinne Nowak
    Elizabeth Ocon
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald O’Day
  • Florence and Joseph Palumbo-Zilka
    Eugene and Sally Ruark
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Rubis
    Mr. Richard G. Sanders, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Schiavone
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schilf
    Mr. Gregory Schroeder
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Scully
    Ms. Elizabeth Shaffer-McCarthy and Mr. Jake McCarthy
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shebik
    LaVora E. Singleton and Lynn Dieter
    Junie and Dorothy Sinson
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith II
    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Souders
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell Spinelli
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stathakis
    Ms. Linda Sticklen
    Nick and Linda Stoynoff
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stratton
    Mr. and Mrs. John Supera
    Mr. Ian Sutherland and Ms. Nicole Clifton
    Ms. Mari Takei and Mr. Yoshi Takei
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thome
    Kelly and Brendan Towey
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tracey
    Cindy Trennert-Lukens
    Mr. and Mrs. John Tubutis
    Mr. Tom Tyler and Mr. Chris Bobowski
  • Lyman and Deana Welch
    Mr. and Mrs. William Werth
    Mr. Raymond Wong and Ms. Meredith Strombeck Wong
    Nancy M. and Douglas M. Yeager Family Foundation
    Bill and Sue Zumstein

  • Friend


  • Anonymous
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ainger
    Mr. Alan Allphin
    Ms. Barbara Andersen and Mr. K.C. Andersen
    John and Julia Andreoni
    Mrs. Kristine Arenz
    Ms. Linda Armstrong
    Richard and Christine Babb
    Cynthia E. Baker
    Eileen Barrett and Rik Homstad
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bastian
    Mr. Robert Becker
    Fred Berg
    Mr. Alan Bernardoni
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard Besinger
    Ms. Adelaide Bialek
    Fr. James and Lin Biegler
    Mr. Paul Bierbauer
    Mr. Michael Bily and Mrs. Christy Ford
    Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Blaida
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bratton
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Briscoe
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bryant
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burd
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Burke
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burkey
    Mark and Francie Bushman
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig Butas
    Mr. Robert Cadermartori
    Mr. and Mrs. David Carlson
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Castaneda
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chaidez
    Mr. and Mrs. James Chodora
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Lloyd Christoph
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clucas
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cmunt
    Mr. Marc S. Coldiron
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Colgan
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cornell
    Barbara A. Coussement
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cox
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Creticos
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Crisman
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cronin
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crylen
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dabisch
    Kathi D’Amico
    Maureen DeJonghe
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dennison
    Jeremy and Teri Dhein
    Ms. Marianne Dill
    Mrs. Rachel Dobrotin and Mr. Jack Melim
    Ms. Nicole Doescher and Mr. John Byars
    Nancy and Dwight Dowdell
    Mildred and Robert Drebing
    Mrs. Susan Ducar
    Darrell and Rosanna Duchon
    Mrs. Pamela Dumke Hedges and Mr. Darryl Hedges
    Mr. Martin Durkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Eaton
    Ms. Gina Ellingen
    Dr. and Mrs. Houssam Elmoursi
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Elvert
    Mr. and Mrs. James Evans
    Mrs. Cheryl Evers
    Mr. and Mrs. John Fildes
    Ms. Rita A. Filiaggi and Ms. Rita M. Filiaggi
    Mrs. Lenore V. Filip
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fletcher
    Mrs. Jean Follett-Thompson and Mr. Douglas Thompson
    Ms. Tonya Foust
    Mr. and Mrs. William B. Fowler
    Ms. Kaye Freedom and Mr. Thomas Freedom
    Ms. Carla Frye
    Mr. and Mrs. Derek Fuller
    Mrs. Florence Gabbard
  • Mr. and Mrs. Damien Gabis
    Ms. Frances Gale
    Mr. Fred Galluzzo and Mrs. Sharon Rice
    Mr. and Mrs. Randon Gardley
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Garofalo
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Garrow
    Ms. Arlene J. Gates
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gentry
    Mr. and Mrs. James Gerstle
    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Geyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios Ghikas
    Mr. Alejandro Gil and Ms. Tea Kautto
    Mr. Julio Godinez and Mr. Alex Godinez
    Mr. Ira Goldberg, Ph.D. and Ms. Donna Lingle
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gonzales
    Mr. Eugene Grabinski Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Grau
    Ms. Rita Gravel
    Richard K. Green
    Mr. and Mrs. William Gregga
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Greiwe
    Ralph Grieco, P.E.
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan Hahn
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Halligan
    Ms. Elizabeth Halpern
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanes
    Mr. Mark Hasemeier and Ms. Jamie Hasemeier
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel Herning
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Herring
    Robert and Ann Hildebrand
    Mr. Jim Hilgenbrink and Ms. Therese Colby
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hill
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Holland
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Horne
    Mr. and Mrs. Rob Hrbek
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hudek
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Jensen
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson
    Margaret and Charles Jonah
    Mr. Neil Jones and Ms. Tracy Tajbl
    Ms. Janet Jones and Ms. Jamie Nelson
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Julien
    Mr. Jerome Jung and Ms. Myra Hipolito
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kaiser
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Karch
    Mr. and Mrs. Jozef Kavuliak
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kelly
    Mr. Andrew Kennedy and Ms. Marcia Kaiser
    Mr. and Mrs. William Kindorf
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert King
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kladiva
    David and Vickie Klick
    Mr. Earl Kling and Ms. Gail Kling
    Mr. and Mrs. Doug Klotnia
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Kmetz
    Mr. Thomas M. Kosinski
    Ms. Joan Kotas and Ms. Janet Doherty
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Kowalski
    Ms. Kathy Kozacky
    Martin J. and Susan B. Kozak Fund
    at The Chicago Community Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Krillenberger
    Mrs. Mary Ellen Kummer
    Mr. Brian Kurtz
    Mr. John Kwiatkowski
    Emerson and Martha Lacey
    Walter and Mary Langbein
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lauber
    Arthur and Faith LaVelle
    Mr. and Mrs. John Lavelle
    Dr. and Mrs. Tim Leasenby
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Leck
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael LeGare
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lehman
    Gary and Maureen Lichtenheld
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Livingston
    Mr. Chuck Lofgren and Ms. Cindy Henderson
    Ms. Lise Lutz and Mr. Mark Lutz
    Elenore and Richard MacFeely
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Madura
    Ms. Mary Ann Mahoney
    Dr. Suzanne Malec-McKenna
    Ms. Doretta Marwin
  • Mr. Steve Matravers and Mr. Joe Krupke
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Matthias
    Mrs. Olive McCarthy and Ms. Niamh McCarthy
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCauley
    Mr. and Mrs. William McCoy
    Susan McCoy
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry McGrail
    Mr. and Mrs. David McLinden
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mehl
    Dr. and Mrs. Monte Meldman
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Michalczyk
    Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Milburn
    Rosemary and R. Milczarek
    Ms. Jane E. Miller
    Mark and Elizabeth Milz
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Milz
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Miscimarra
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miulli
    Ms. Bonnie Mize
    Mr. and Mrs. Casey Moauro
    Ms. Jennifer Moehrle and Mrs. Denice Steinmann
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mohorek
    Ms. Amy Montanus
    Mrs. Rowena C. Montgomery
    Mr. and Mrs. John Moore
    Ms. Michelle Moore and Mr. Bob Liazuk
    Ms. Judy Morgan
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Morris
  • Mr. Richard L. Mueller
    Mr. Thomas Muer
    Mr. Stephen A. Murinka
    Ms. Katelyn Murray and Mr. James Lyon
    Martin and Mary Kay Mutz
    Mr. Steven Nelson and Mrs. Monica Dillon-Nelson
    Ed Nickey and Kim Payer
    Ms. Deborah Nilles and Mr. Kevin Knoth
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Norbut
    Ms. Terry Novak
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Novotny
    Mr. John Obenland
    Ms. Judith O’Keefe
    Paul and Elizabeth Olin
    Ms. Marie Olsofka
    Raymond and Esther Paice
    Mr. Jerome Palmer and Mrs. Petra Hentzel
    Ms. Marsha Palmreuter and Ms. Amy Kaye
    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pape
    Mr. Bob Para and Ms. Jen Para
    Mr. Mark Paulus
    Mr. and Mrs. Giedrius Pencyla
    Ms. Lisa Perkins
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pignotti
    Mrs. Anna Marie Poll and Ms. Diana Graham
    Leslie Pollack
    Mr. and Mrs. George Porter
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Porter
  • Lillian Potter
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Priester
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Prochot
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Pugliese
    Ms. Edith Quinby and Mr. Paul Cochran
    Mr. and Mrs. Nabil Refai
    Mr. and Mrs. Kell Reimann
    Mr. Mark S. Reiter
    Mr. Paul J. Richter
    Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rickert
    Ms. Gina Rinella and Mrs. Margo Rinella
    Mr. Robert Riordan
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rodeck
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Romano
    Peg and Tom Rurik
    Mrs. Denise Rytych and Ms. Katharine Rytych
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig Samuelson
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sarovich
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sauriol
    Eric and Susan Schaal
    Mr. and Mrs. William Schauert
    Thomas and Barbara Schnitzer
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schuette
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Schuit
    Mr. Michael Scukanec
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sedey
    John and Marlene Shales
    Dr. Michelle Sims and Dr. Ernst Lisek
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Slater
    Dr. Jacqueline Solfronk
    Monica Solomon
    Lyndi R. Sprietsma
    Mrs. Joanne Spyridakos
    Mr. Matthew Stachowski
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Storm
    Paul and Karen Styka
    Mr. and Mrs. George Sutherland
    Mrs. Eileen Suva
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sweder
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tavolino
    Ms. Nancy Telford-Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Theys
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thistlethwaite
    Ms. Shelley Thompson and Ms. Rebecca Schreiber
    Dr. Jeffrey Tilkin, M.D.
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tobin
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tonissen
    Ms. Michelle Turner
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Van Someren
    Mr. Kenneth Vandenbroucke
    Bonnie Vicha
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Vogelzang
    Mr. and Mrs. John Wahlman
    Kay Walker
    Ms. Leitha Walling
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Watkins
  • Mrs. Julie Younglove-Webb and Mr. Todd Webb
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Weimer
    Mr. Allan Weinheimer
    Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Wendorf
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Werth
    Susan West
    Jack White
    Mr. Steve Whitman and Ms. Eliza Klein
    Mr. and Mrs. John Whitnell
    Sandra and David Wiedemeier
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Wienand
    Jan Williams
    Mr. Michael Wojcik and Mr. Steven Wojcik
    Ann Woody
    Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Yee
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Young
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Zamirowski
    Mark E. Zampardo, Ph.D.

  • Estate Gifts

  • Audrey Masters Anderson,
    Teachers as Partners Program
  • Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust,
    New Tree Development Program
  • Charles C. Haffner III,
    Suzette Morton Davidson Special Collections
  • Florence Hybl Estate
  • L & V Knudsen Trust


  • Anonymous (4)
    JoAnne Adelmann
    Teri Althoff
    Patty Arend
    Kris Bachtell
    Sheila Bangs
    Eileen Barrett
    Jan Beck
    Deirdre Bennett
    Gail Blessing
    David Bonini
    Dave Cascarano
    Nicole Cavender
    Michelle Clegg
    Sara Cohen
    Donald Cook
    Elisa Correia
    Beth Corrigan
    Michael Craig
    Kathi D’Amico
    Maureen DeJonghe
    Martin Dempsey
    Dr. Gerard T. Donnelly
    Anamari Dorgan
    Nancy Dowdell
    Michael Downey
    Jennifer Drew
  • Sheryl Drohan Kuzanek
    Colleen Emrick
    Janis Farrington
    Therese Foley
    Joseph Frosch
    Jacqueline Fucilla
    Jacqueline Gammons
    John Gebel
    Grant Gilbert
    Jennifer GoodSmith
    Camille Grabski
    Wanda Grant
    Ralph Grieco
    Richard Grunt
    Charles Gutsmiedl
    Elizabeth Halleck
    Rita M. Hassert
    Edward Hedborn
    Angela Hewitt
    Mark Hochsprung
    Rick Hootman
    Tiffani Howell
    Betsy Hunt
    Susan Jacobson
    Todd Jacobson
    Karin Jaros
    Carla Klausler
    Anne Klos
  • Lesley Kolaya
    Jill Koski
    Kurt Kuhlmann
    Mary Laman
    Kathy Limp
    Donna McCarthy
    Mark Melka
    Lisa Mertz-Erwin
    Anne Miller
    Mary Kay Mutz
    Lynette Myers
    Beau Nagan
    John O’Connor
    Kris O’Sullivan
    Susan Paist
    Susan Paris
    Carolann Parker
    Ronald Paul
    Margaret Pelch
    Nancy Peske
    Ronald Picco
    Joe Pluta
    Nancy Porte
    Lillian Potter
    Sai Ravichandran
    Susan Ross
    Peg Rurik
    Lydia A. Scott
  • Graham Smith
    Monica Solomon
    Mary Ann Stepanek
    Anne Stratton
    Wendy Swanson
    James Van Someren
    Kelly Vantine
    Susan Wagner
    Randy Walker
    Thomas Whalen
    Marilyn Wodzinski
    Tim Wolkober
    Ann Woody
    Sharon Yiesla

  • Arborvitae Society

    Arborvitae means “tree of life.”
    Appropriately the Arborvitae Society
    encompasses friends who have included
    The Morton Arboretum in their estate plans,
    thereby helping to strengthen the future
    of the Arboretum for generations to come.

  • Anonymous (19)
    Audrey Masters Anderson^
    Elisabeth and John Bacon, Jr.
    Anna Caroline Ball
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Becky II
  • Charles Bowling
    Don and Mary Brown
    Karen S. Brunke
    Daniel Bures
    Steven Canavis
    Dorothy A. Carbon
    Cleve Carney
    Karla Christiansen
    Virginia and David^ Cook
    David Coulter
    Estate of Florence and Russell Cox^
    Natalie Culley
    Dr. David Curd
    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dickerson
    Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly
    Carole and Peter Doris
    Shirley M. Evans
    Bonnie Everhart
    Carl B. Fausey
    Mrs. Lenore V. Filip
    Curtis B. Frank
    Hendrica Ghali
    Carol Giancola
    Mary Louise Gorno
    Judith A. Grey
    Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust
    Charles C. Haffner III^
  • Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Hall
    Marilyn Halperin
    Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Hendrickson
    David and Betty Hess
    Dan and Gloria Hollister
    Nancy A. Huck
    Florence Hybl^
    Craig B. Johnson
    John A. Jones
    Virginia H. Jones
    Mrs. Richard B. Kemp^
    Victoria Klimkiewicz
    L & V Knudsen Trust
    Janice Kramer
    Mr. and Mrs. Arnold C. Kupec
    Dorothy Larsen
    Warren A. Larson^
    Sandra Lee
    Nancy Leonard
    Janet McCarron^
    Mrs. Neil McKay
    Cathy Meo
    Bert H. Michelsen^
    Rowena C. Montgomery
    William and Nancy Moore
    William and Bonnie Mucha
    R. Najacht
  • Martin and Sally Ozinga
    Irma Parker
    Henry B. Pearsall
    Suzy and Bob Peters
    Dennis I. Prepejchal
    Ann and Bob Reiland
    Kell and Barb Reimann
    Sherry and Bob Reum
    Mr.^ and Mrs. Roy Ringo
    Carol Jean Rogalski, Ph.D.
    John A. Sacher
    Verie Sandborg
    Maria Schaffer
    Lee S. Selander
    LaVora E. Singleton and Lynn Dieter
    Holly Sipples
    Matthew D. Smith
    Jeff and Kim Staley
    Craig Summers
    Sandra L. Swenson
    Lori Trinche
    Sharon M. West
    Mrs. Donald W. White
    Philip C. Wiederhold
    Mary Glenn Wiley
    Nancy Hamill Winter
    Gary L. Wright
    ^ Deceased

2012 Tribute and Memorial

The Morton Arboretum gratefully acknowledges
the donors who chose to honor or recognize a friend
or family member through a tribute or memorial gift
from January 1 through December 31, 2012.


$5,000 and above

  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chandler
    Peggy and Edward Jensen
    Mr. Mike Ketvertis

  • $3,000-$4,999

  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Cole
    Ms. Mary Denny
    Ms. Barbara Jean Gore
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawinger
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry Mack
    Dr. and Mrs. Zeyd Merenkov
    Joseph and Joanne Nemec
    Dr. Karen Ostrov
    Mr. Donald Rakosnik
    Ms. Judy Reynolds
    Mr. Frank Verstat


  • Mr. James Andersen
    Mr. and Mrs. Al Callaway
    Mr. Gus Davis
    Ms. Margaret Degnan
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dills
    Ms. Jane Ferguson
    Ms. Leslie Hindman
    Mary Leonard
    Mrs. Harriet Lindstrom
    Ms. Therese Minnec
    Mr. and Mrs. George Rieber
    Ms. Karen Schwenk
    Monica Solomon
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stewart

  • $1,000-$1,499

  • Mr. James P. Cashman
    Mr. and Mrs. Wesley M. Dixon
    Mr. John Earley
    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Farrell
    Ms. Ashley Garrett
    Carl and Shay Jacobson
    Julie Edwards
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mahady
    Ms. Julia Malkowski and Ms. Mary Morrissey
    Eleanor Simon


  • Walter and Karen Alexander
    Ann and Tom Alexander
    John Alexander III
    Ms. Mary Benson and Ms. Danielle Benson
    Ms. Jean Black
    Mrs. Merwyn K. Brainerd
    Miriam and Peter Bryant
    Mr. Andrew Conwell
    Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly
    Carole and Peter Doris
    Dr. Eric Furto and Dr. Lisa Furto
    Ms. Linda Graczyk
    Ann and John Grube
    Mr. Merrill Hermann
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Hoefler
    Ms. Ann Hurley
    The Hussey Foundation
    Mrs. Mia Kaldalu
    Pavithra Karumuri and Dinkar Karumuri
    Ms. Kit Keane and Mr. Duncan M. Alexander
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly
    Mary Ellyn Madden
    Medlogix Communications, LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. John K. Notz, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Olson
    Ms. Deborah Plutko
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Repke
    Mrs. Donna Rieck
    Carol Jean Rogalski, Ph.D.
    Ms. Sarah Rykwalder
    Mr. and Mrs. David Schlembach
    Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stevenson
    Mrs. Paulette Tranquilli and Mr. Chris Stefanski
    Mrs. Helen E. Watson
    Mr. and Mrs. Ingo Wedig

  • $250-$499

  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Alexander
    Ms. Dorothy Anderson
    Ms. Ann Anthony
    Bishop Plumbing, Inc.
    Ms. Lisa Borneman
    Virginia Cook
    Ms. Whitney Crouch
    De Franco Plumbing, Inc.
    Ms. Annie Farnaus
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geary
    Ms. Laura Geraci
    Glen Ellyn Food Pantry
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gorkis
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery K. Hensley
    Mr. and Mrs. James Hlavin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Horjus
    Mr. and Mrs. Ciro Iandoli
    Mr. and Mrs. David H. Kerrigan
    Mr. and Mrs. David Klausler
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kokes
    Sheryl Drohan Kuzanek and Dwight Kuzanek
    Walter and Mary Langbein
    Ralph and Lucile Little
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lockman
    Mr. and Mrs. David Majewski
    Mr. and Mrs. John Malich
    Mr. and Mrs. Al Meo
    Ms. Sasha Meshkov
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Moore
    Ms. Jaime Moran
    Mr. and Mrs. George Nicholaou
    Mr. and Mrs. Taff Nielsen
    Mr. and Mrs. Lance Nogle
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Norris
    Ms. Kristin Olsen-Whisler
    Demetrios Pappageorge
    Mr. and Mrs. Karl Persons
    Ms. Anne Peters
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Puk
    Ms. Barbara Reeves
    Mr. Jack Riddle
    Ms. A. Joanne Snyder
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sowa
  • Ms. Marianna Stack
    Ms. Linda Stein
    Mrs. Dorothy Stevens
    Ms. Ruth Stiemann
    Ms. Cynthia Stockwell
    Ms. Lee Ann Strepina
    Ms. Julie Strzyz
    Mr. Barry Thomas
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turriff
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Warner
    Mr. and Mrs. George Wilkin
    Mrs. Jan Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wood
    Mrs. Carol Woods

  • 2012 TRIBUTE AND


  • Larry Balmes
    J. Beverley Barnes
    Martha James Becker
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Becky II
    Ron Blauwkamp
    Joyce and Dick Brunot
    Moira Buhse
    Gloriann Bystry
  • Joseph Clair
    Cookie and Lee Cook
    Gerard Coop
    John Corliss
    Kathy DeCarlo and David Maren
    Peter Doris
    Howard and Carol Faulk
    Janet Fender
    Bob and Judy Finn
    Sienna Fiore and Melanie Jo
    Amy Franco
    Caroline and Will Fry
    Jacklyn Gillespie, Molly Aikins,
    Shannon Degnan and Meghan Southworth
    Dieter and Delores Gruen
    Frank Hanzlik
    Cathy Henry
    Brian and Cara Hurley and Family
    Joan and Robert Jensen
    George and Leatha Jorgensen
    Albert and Barbara Kahlenberg
    Mia and Kalju Kaldalu
    Rita Kenning
    Dan and Jeannie Kokes
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krehbiel
    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Krehbiel, Jr.
    Robert and Rosalie Lawinger
    Pierre and Marcia Lebeau
  • Mary Lorek
    Mary Ellen Madden
    Iris Mak
    Hilda and Heinrich Maru
    Barbara McPherson
    John and Sara Miller
    Thomas Muer
    Lorraine Murphy and Ashvin Veligandla
    Lance W. Nogle
    Tim Norris
    Barbara O’Brien
    Tom and Maureen Olsen
    The Olson Family
    Charlotte Persons
    Andrew Lenhart Plutko
    Bob and Barb Pribisch
    Andre Radandt
    Meredith Repke and Adam Rasmussen
    Jack D. Riddle
    Dolores and George Rieber
    William Ritchie
    Carol Jean Rogalski
    Bonnie and Allen Sander
    Bill Schafer
    Karen C. Schwenk and Gary Richard Fauth
    Senryo Technologies and Karumuri Family
    Susan Sinderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin Slark
  • The Sowa Family
    Lyle and Joan Stevenson
    Jane and Don Swannie
    Joan Taylor
    Lupita Turriff
    The VanHoutan Family


  • Michael Ackermann
    Dororthy Alexander
    John Alexander IV
    Mary B. Andersen
    Alberta Badgett
    Gerard Bastrentaz
    Jane Biggs
    Carl and Evelyn M. Braa
    Helen E. Brady and Joe Brady
    David Brainerd
    Dwight Burnes
    Pearl Calcagno
    Dave and Mary Callahan
    Mary and Don Callahan
    Joseph E. Callaway III
    Nancy Chaloupka
    Linnea Hamilton Coffee
    Nancy Conn
    Eileen Connolly
  • Duane and Betty Conwell
    Charles Crump
    LaVerne Cummins
    Lamah Dairanieh
    John Davis
    Luis de leTorre
    John Kevin Doyle
    Kathleen Drehs
    Juergen Droegemueller
    Mary Earley
    Ethan Cole Eblen
    Barbara Eichler
    Bette Enright
    Hector Escobar
    Jane Eversman
    Harold Gregory Field
    Rolf Fritz
    Andrew Scott Furto
    Ruth Gjertsen
    Carol Gleissner
    Jean and Spence Gore
    G.K. and Edythe Griffin
    Maire Gruskovak
    Barbara Ann Graves
    Paul Grzybek
    Charles C. Haffner III
    Charles R Hagen
    Jean Halstead
  • Charles Heuertz
    Brian Hirsh
    Leona Howell
    Ruth Howell
    Barbara J. Hunt
    Florence H. Hybl
    John M. Hyer
    Jackson Hyland
    George Shinichi Iwanaga
    Susan Jackson
    Edward R. Jensen
    Aaron Johnson
    Leslie Johnson
    Dennis and Sharelle Jordan
    John Purtell Keane
    Elizabeth J. Kelman
    Nancy Ketvertis
    Linda Kido
    Anna Klich
    Dolores Koeune
    Lyn Korten
    Carole J. Koruna
    June Kotte
    Roger A. Kulp
    Mrs. Delphine M. Kurcab
    Edward and Janet Kuzanek
    Subashini Lagisetty
    L. John and Bernice Langley
  • Bette Laz
    Angeline Marie Lentino
    Ralph Leonard
    Gordon Lindstrom
    Mrs. Garry Lipinski
    Blanca Lopez
    John K. and Joan Lorenzen
    Nelda A. Mahady
    Joseph James Malkowski
    Edward Marcisz
    Julie Anne Maren
    Marilyn McCormick
    John Peter Merenkov
    Natalia K. Meshkov
    James Albert Miller
    Jim Miller
    Doris Missel
    Scott Mitchell
    Mary Moulton
    Mary E. Nelson
    Betty Neu
    Louis Nystrom
    William and Agnes O’Toole
    Christine Pappageorge
    Nicci DeNicola Paris
    Bob Patterson
    Donald Peckenpaugh
    Bruce Perkins
  • Brad Scott Perrot
    Wyatt Emmett Piotrowski
    Elinor Pounds
    J. Lester Quinlan
    Patricia Rakosnik
    Phillip and Emily Reynolds
    Jane Riddle
    Terry Rieck
    Carrie Ha Petroelje Schemper
    Wyland Schmitt
    Glenda Schowalter
    Shirley Simon
    Marie J. and Stan Smelhaus
    Bill Snyder
    Vance Solomon, Jr.
    Irene Stack
    Charlie Stevens
    Bob Stiemann
    T.J. Stohr
    Charlie Summers
    Lynn Elise Sutton
    George Wesley Swett, Sr.
    Keith Tice
    Eugene Timko
    Pamela Ann Timm
    Kara Tompkins
    Ronald Tranquilli
    Sheila J. Verdone
  • Christine M. Verstat
    Josephine and Joseph Veverka
    Cliff Waggoner
    Mitchell John Warner
    Marion Waschow
    Bruce H. Watson
    Caroline Webster
    Edmund and Mary Wisniewski
    Brian and Christine Wood
    J. David Woods
    “Ernie” Earnest Wright
    Nicole Lynn Zanoni

2012 Corporations, Foundations,
and Government

The Morton Arboretum gratefully
acknowledges the following corporations,
foundations, and government partners
that made financial contributions
between January 1 and December 31, 2012.

$100,000 AND ABOVE

  • Exelon Foundation
    Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust
    The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    USDA Forest Service

  • $50,000-$99,999

  • Heartlands Conservancy
    Institute of Museum and Library Services
    Molex Incorporated

  • $25,000-$49,999

  • Ball Horticultural Company
    Bayer Corporation
    BMO Harris Bank
    The Brinson Foundation
  • Illinois Department of Agriculture
    JPMorgan Chase
    Morton Salt
    National Science Foundation
    Sara Lee Foundation
    USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services

  • $10,000-$24,999

  • Anonymous
    Bayer Environmental Science
    The Alfred Bersted Foundation
    Helen Brach Foundation
    The Davey Tree Expert Company/The Care of Trees
    The DuPage Community Foundation
    Illinois Arts Council
    International Society of Arboriculture
    Lake County Forest Preserves District
    Nicor Gas
    Nissan North America, Inc.
    Northern Trust
    Rainbow TreeCare
    J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Foundation
    Spraying Systems Co.
    SunCoke Energy
    Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    Valent U.S.A. Corporation
    Wente Family Estates
    Wheaton Eye Clinic

  • $5,000-$9,999

  • Amsted Industries Foundation
    Aramark Corporation
    Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
    Dick Pond Athletics
    Illinois American Water
    Illinois Department of Natural Resources
    Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau
    Manaaki Foundation
    Nestle Dreyer’s Ice Cream
    Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership
    University of Illinois
    Waste Management

  • $2,500-$4,999

  • AthletiCo Ltd.
    William J. Clancy Foundation
    Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund
    DuPage Medical Group
  • F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company
    GKN Foundation
    M&M Orthopaedics, Ltd.
    McCain Foods USA, Inc.
    Stoller Wholesale
    Whole Foods Market
    Wolf & Company LLP

  • $1,000-$2,499

  • The Alben F. Bates & Clara G. Bates Foundation
    CMGRP, Inc.
    Darden Foundation
    Darwill Press, Inc.
    Mainstreet Investment Advisors, LLC
    Mariani Enterprises, Inc.
    Phyllom LLC
    Staples Foundation
    Target Corporation
    Wisconsin Arborists Association

  • $250-$999

  • Aerostar Global Logistics, Inc.
    Alliance for Community Trees
  • Associated Colleges of Illinois
    Elmhurst Garden Club
    Gerald A. & Karen A. Kolschowsky Foundation, Inc.
    Tallgrass Restoration, LLC
    Truax Company

  • Matching Gifts

  • Anonymous
    Akzo Nobel Inc.
    Aon Foundation
    AT&T Foundation
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation
    BP Foundation, Inc.
    Caterpillar Foundation
    Corn Products International
    Dell Employee Giving Program
    FM Global Foundation
    GE Foundation
    American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    IBM Corporation
    Illinois Tool Works Foundation
    Intuit Foundation
    JPMorgan Chase
    Kraft Foods Foundation
    The Leo Burnett Company, Inc.
  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    McCormick Foundation
    Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
    Morgan Stanley
    Motorola Foundation
    Motorola Mobility Matching Gifts
    Network for Good
    Northern Trust
    Pepsico Foundation
    SAP Matching Gift Program
    Schneider Electric North America Foundation
    Sun Trading LLC
    Tellabs Giving
    Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
    TransUnion LLC
    TWG Holdings, Inc.
    U.S. Bancorp Foundation
    United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
    William Harris Investors

2012 Designated Gifts

We are grateful to those donors
who chose to support specific program
opportunities at The Morton Arboretum.


  • BMO Harris Bank
    The Davey Tree Expert Company/The Care of Trees
    Morton Salt


  • Navistar
    Target Corporation
    Nancy M. and Douglas M. Yeager
    Family Foundation


  • Ball Horticultural Company
    Connie and Dennis Keller


  • The Alfred Bersted Foundation
    Helen Brach Foundation
    The Brinson Foundation
    William J. Clancy Foundation
  • Darden Foundation
    Marianne and Harry Dennis
    The DuPage Community Foundation
    Elmhurst Garden Club
    Exelon Corporation
    Molex Incorporated
    Nestle Dreyer’s Ice Cream
    Speiser Family Foundation
    Staples Foundation
    SunCoke Energy


  • AthletiCo Ltd.
    Dick Pond Athletics
    DuPage Medical Group
    Illinois Arts Council
    Institute of Museum and Library Services
    Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau
    M&M Orthopaedics, Ltd.
    Nissan North America, Inc.
    Sara Lee Foundation
    Waste Management
    Wente Family Estates
    Wheaton Eye Clinic
    Whole Foods Market


  • Bayer Corporation
    Bayer Environmental Science
    The Davey Tree Expert Company/The Care of Trees
    F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company
    Mary M. Forester
    Heartlands Conservancy
    Illinois American Water
    Illinois Department of Agriculture
    Illinois Department of Natural Resources
    International Society of Arboriculture
    Lake County Forest Preserves District
    National Science Foundation
    Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership
    Phyllom LLC
    Rainbow TreeCare
    J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Foundation
    Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund
    University of Illinois
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services
    USDA Forest Service
    Valent U.S.A. Corporation


  • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberg


  • Howard and Moira Buhse
    Sandra Lee
    Anthony and Leslie Onesto
    China Oughton

  • 2012 In-Kind Donors

    We are grateful to the following
    individuals and corporations who have
    donated goods and services, allowing
    The Morton Arboretum to maximize the
    percentage of our budget that goes directly
    to education, research, and programs.

  • Anonymous
    Ball Horticultural Company
    Butter Bella
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Craig
    Donna and Dan Danielson
  • The Davey Tree Expert Company/The Care of Trees
    Dick Pond Athletics
    Mel and Carolyn Finzer
    Rita M. Hassert
    The Home Depot
    Illinois Sports Facilities Authority
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Laslo
    Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau
    Henry F. Michell Company
    Keith Olson
    Matthew Septeowski
    Waste Management
    Wente Family Estates
    Whole Foods Market

2012 Volunteers

The following individuals volunteered
ten or more hours in support of
Arboretum programs.



  • Carmen Afryl
    Glenn Afryl
    Vadini Agrawal
    Ken Ahlmann
    William Albrecht
    Carol Alewel
    Linda Allison
    Martha Anderson
    Sue Anderson
    Mark Arabadjief
    Donald Arnold
    Jennifer Arnott
    Jeanne Atkinson

  • B

  • Mandiie Backman
    Stephen Baginski
    Cecelia Bailey
    David Bailey
    Patricia Bajadek
    Kathryn Ball
  • Christine Banaszak
    Harlan Bane
    Janet Bane
    Leila Bannon
    Janet Barber
    Debra Barlog
    Robert Barnes
    Jean Barr
    Brian Bash
    Lois Bates
    Nanette Bauer
    Beverly Bauman
    Carol Baumann
    Mary Carter Beary
    Joanne Beasley
    Joyce Beck
    Robert Beeching
    Tamara Beecroft
    Dennis Beemer
    Penny Beerntsen
    Darlene Belmore
    Carol Belshaw
    Josie Belter
    Lynn Bement
    Kamden Benbow-Niemer
    Delphine Benkowski
    Cindy Bennett
    Deirdre Bennett
  • Aurora Berger
    Edith Bernstein
    Elaine Berquist
    Catherine Berry
    John Berthoud
    Marsha Beste
    Patricia Bethke
    Judy Biggus
    Brock Bigsby
    Linda Bilut
    Barbara Birmingham
    George Birmingham
    Lee Bisceglie
    John Black
    Ken Black
    Megan Black
    Zach Black
    Carol Blackburn
    William Blackburn
    Laurie Blackmon
    Bruce Blair
    John Blair
    Rosalyn Blair
    Alexander Blankley
    Ada Bleecker
    Cathy Blewitt
    Ilene Bock
    Linda Bodine
  • Daniel Bodley
    Laverne Bohlin
    Neil Bokemeier
    Ellen Bonewitz
    Veta Bonnewell
    Roula Boorazanes
    Joanne Bordage
    Roger Borer
    Melinda Born-Chapman
    Mark Bossinger
    Vivian Bossinger
    Alysia Bounds
    Ansley Bounds
    Karen Bowman
    Elizabeth Brahler
    Jolene Brandt
    Doris Bratis
    Lucy Brooks
    Deborah Brown
    Donald Brown
    Robert Bubash
    Moira Buhse
    Bonnie Bula
    Carla Bumba
    Margaret Burnitz
    Shannon Burns
    Erick Bustria


  • Terrell Caldwell
    Beverly Calvert
    Susan Camasta
    Steven Canavis
    Dorothy Carbon
    Marilyn Carle
    James Carlson
    Cara Carman
    Anita Casey
    Soledad Castellanos
    Linda Castle
    Susan Cecala
    Lindsay Cernek
    Constance Chamberlain
    Betty Chang
    Eric Chang
    Cassandra Chaplinski
    Jeff Chapman
    Nikil Chari
    Trudy Chelmecki
    Justin Chen
    Stephanie Chen
    Allison Cherry
    Sharon Chipman
    Allison Chmielarski
    Susan Christensen
    Dale Christian
  • Robert Christopher
    Ronald Ciemny
    Ethan Cilley
    Dennis Clark
    Robert Clarke
    JoAnn Clay
    Ann Cliff
    Marge Cmunt
    William Coates
    Dove Coggeshall
    Art Coleman
    Carolyn Collins
    Jack Colombo
    Patrick Comer
    Gladys Connolly
    Lori Connor
    Martha Connor
    Neal Conroy
    Peter Constan
    Erica Coppolino
    John Corliss
    David Cosper
    LeeAnn Cosper
    Al Cote
    Jan Cote
    Alexa Cotton
    Christine Courtney
    Les Cowel
  • Judith Cox
    Leo Cox
    Gay G. Craig
    Michael Craig
    Cindy Crosby
    Christopher Curran
    Linda Curran
    Paula Cyphers

  • D

  • Donna Danielson
    Kassandra Darrus
    Kathleen D’Attomo
    Peter D’Attomo
    Ginette Dauber
    Elizabeth Davidson
    Kathleen Davidson
    Andres Davila
    William Dedi
    Erin Delany
    Sarah Delany
    William Delany
    Charles Delbecq
    Jennifer DeLuna
    Robert DeMaria
    John DeMars
    Regina Demian
  • Gina DeNatale
    Marianne Dennis
    Ruth Denofrio
    Lee Desmarais
    Carol DeVries
    David D’Hooge
    Devon Di Iorio
    Lynn Dieter
    Robert Dirmish
    Gloria Dobry
    Daniel Dock
    Marsha Dock
    Joan Dorrell
    Anna Downey
    Michael Downey
    Jane Doyle
    Angelique Draftz
    Katherine Dudzik
    Anna Dufresne
    Bob Duke
    Montrew Dunham
    David Dunwell
    Peter Durkalski


  • Eileen Eastman
    Jack Eastman
    Katelyn Edel
    Barbara Ehst
    Gerard Ellensohn
    John Ellis
    Indrani Embar
    Steven Emmert
    Cynthia Erickson

  • F

  • Lindsey Fairbairn
    Felicity Farnsworth
    Nicole Farolan
    Judith Farrar
    Jane Farraye
    Geraldine Fekete
    Raymond Feld
    Alex Felten
    Bill Fiedler
    John Field
    Joan Figatner
    Cecilia Filas
    Deborah Finch Murphy
    Joanne Fink
    Bob Finn
  • Emily Fisher
    Elizabeth Fitch
    Elisabeth Fitzek
    Kathy Fleming
    Liam Flynn
    Cecilia Fonseca
    Dean Foster
    Kris Foster
    Josephine Fowler
    Margaret Fox
    Victor Franks, Jr.
    Frances Fredricks
    Lynne Friedlander
    Gail Fundakowski

  • G

  • Ann Galezio
    Emily Galvin
    Lauren Gambino
    Annette Gambo
    Abigail Gardner
    Kristina Gasiorek
    Emily Gasparro
    Henry Gentry
    Ann Gerding
  • Adam Gernes
    Susan Gervais
    Garrett Ginell
    Keanan Ginell
    Keara Ginell
    Olivia Giovanelli
    Laurie Glaysher
    Grace Glenn
    Roberta Goehmann
    Howard Goldstein
    Nancy Good
    Doris Gott
    Luz Gradigo
    Ted Graham
    Christine Greenman
    Judy Grey
    Joseph Grill
    Priscilla Grundy
    Richard Grunt
    Sherryl Guedelhoefer
    Katherine Guo
    Kimberly Gust
    James Guzzaldo


  • John Hagstrom
    Elizabeth Halleck
    George Hallenbeck
    Jan Hampton
    Christopher Hanley
    Joseph Hanzlik
    Sandra Hardesty
    John Harris
    Karen Harris
    Pat Harrison
    Rita Hassert
    John Hausmann
    Susan Hausmann
    Julie Hayes
    Teresa Hayes
    Daniel Hayman
    Judy Healy
    Joe Heiberger
    Janet Heilmann
    Anne Helms
    Charles Henning
    Roderick Herbig
    Daniel Herndon
    Suzanne Hetzel
    Mollie Hibbard
    Kenneth Hickey
    Barbara Hilb
  • Johan Hille
    Bill Hoewischer
    Jo Hoffmann
    Marilyn Hoglund
    Laurie Hogrewe
    Ariadna Holovaty
    Eleanor Holt
    Marilyn Holysz
    Grace Hong
    Dale Houston
    Ilse Hoyle
    Caryl Hruska
    Sarah Huang
    Jennifer Hughes
    James Humbert *
    Heidemarie Hunter
    Melanie Hunter
    Harlene Husted

  • I

  • Michael Illes
    James Ivanelli

  • J

  • Barbara Jachna
    Ann Jackson
    Robert Jackson
  • Jane Jahimiak
    Stanislaw Jamroz
    Andrew Jaseckas
    Katherine Jaseckas
    Joan Jeschke
    Jean Jeske
    Emmy Lou John
    Herbert John
    Cecilia Johnson
    Cynthia Johnson
    Patricia Johnson
    Barbara Jones
    Lance Jones
    Ruth Jones
    Jean Judson
    Doojung (Dawn) Juhn

  • K

  • Hans Kadner
    Davida Kalina
    John Karuschak
    Kathleen Kaufman
    Donna Kearney
    Marsha Keller
    Philip Keller
    Kathleen Kelley
    Shaun Kelliher
    Aidan Kelly
  • Robert Kelly
    Denise Kenealy
    Rita Kenning
    Donna Kevil
    Nawal Khokhar
    Jack Kiburz
    Susan Kirby
    Susan Klatt
    Mary Klemundt
    Ann Klingele
    Kenneth Koers
    Nancy Kolar
    Eugenia Kompanowski
    Michael Kompanowski
    Gary Kosciulek
    Tom Koz
    Bob Kozurek
    Pamela Krebs
    Mary Kroening
    Sue Krusack
    Arnis Krussow
    Charlene Kubic
    Gail Kuchta
    Joseph Kuczynski
    Mary Kukura
    Judith Kunzler
    Kashnir Kyryl


  • Kathryn Ladd
    Jean Landon
    Julie Lang
    Kent Lang
    Kevin Lang
    Mary Langbein
    Walter Langbein
    Ben Langer
    Emma Langer
    Beth Lanning
    Carissa Lao
    Bruce Larrabee
    Jason Lauridsen
    Keenan Lavery
    Elizabeth Law
    Janet Lebeck
    Chinmei Lee
    Terry Lee
    Tsung-Shung Lee
    Collin Leger
    Diane Lehrman
    Jack Leider
    Bernice Levy
    Rich Levy
    Billie Lewis
    Martha Lewis
    MaryCarol Liethen
  • Dulcey Lima
    Debra Lindholm
    Claudia Lissuzzo
    Patricia Littlecreek
    Maureen Livingston
    Elizabeth Lizzio
    Beverly Lombardo
    Barbara Look
    David Look
    E-Ling Lou
    Kate Lueders
    Brittany Lundgren
    John Luxem
    Susan K. Lyons

  • M

  • Mary Ellyn Madden
    Jan Mamminga
    Tim Marks
    MaryBeth Marshall
    Linda Martens
    Catherine Martin
    Lauren Marvin
    Dawn Mashayekhi
    Kathleen Matejka
    Spencer Mathue
    Susan Mattioli
  • Connie Matuszewski
    Barbara Maxson
    Mary Joan Mazza
    Bridget McCarthy
    Katie McCarthy
    Molly McCarthy
    Michael McCarthy
    Jason McClurg
    Margaret McCormick
    Rosalie McVay
    McKenzie Meadows
    Evelyn Means
    Mary Mehl
    Lisa Mertz
    Isola Metz
    Colleen Metzger
    Ruth Meyer
    Elsa Meza
    Nicole Michener
    Barry Miller
    Brenda Miller
    Dan Miller
    Hellevi Miller
    Janice Miller
    Jean Miller
    Nancy Miller
    Nancy Ann Miller
    Pat Miller
  • Loraine Miranda
    Meredith Miscinski
    Miranda Miscinski
    Elwin Mohns
    Kevin Monaco
    Sheri Moor
    Jane Moore
    Julie Moore
    Edith Moran
    Mary Moroney
    Carol Morrison
    Bradford Mortimer
    Ted Mrozek
    Jonathan Mueller
    J. David Mullan
    Sally Mullan
    Pat Murphy
    Helen Myers

  • N

  • Louis Navarro
    Cathy Nelson
    Darlene Nelson
    David Nelson
    Don Nelson
    Garry Nelson
    Carol Nemec
  • Maura Neuffer
    Damon Nichols
    Margaret Nickoley
    Robert Nickoley
    Carol Nield
    Robert Nield
    Ralph Niemann
    Judith Nilles
    Vincent Nirtaut
    Donna Noller
    Nancy Novak
    Bernadette Nowicki
    Bryan Nugent
    Lee Nye
    Marcia Nye

  • O

  • Alice Obmascik
    Jim Oftedal
    InJoon Oh
    Judith O’Keefe
    Patty Oleniczak
    Barbara Olker
    Bernard Olker
    Tom Olsen
    David Olson
    Judith Olson
  • Kirsten Opsahl
    Cheri O’Riordan
    Bob Orsula
    Paula Orsula
    John Osgood
    Julie Oshen
    Otto Osterland
    AnneMarie O’Toole
    Sophie Owczarek

  • P

  • Sarah Packard
    Colin Page
    Barbara Palermo
    Barbara Palmer
    Sharon Pan
    Vincent Panzone
    John Park
    Shaun Lee Pascual
    Pamela Patel
    Raymond Pearce
    Judith Pease
    Mandi Pedersen
    Marilyn Peretti
    Casey Perkins
    Lois Perry
    Tom Perry
  • Carl Pesce
    Barbara Peterson
    David Peto
    Natasha Petrov
    Alan Pieczynski
    Patricia Pieper
    Marilee Pilz
    William Podgorski
    Ryan Podlasek
    Bruce Poland
    Frederick Porter
    Ken Potenberg
    Sean Preins
    Kyong Prepelica
    Diane Presco
    Bill Prescott
    Heather Prince
    Mary Anne Proudfoot
    Alan Pryka
    Wanda Pucek
    John Puljung

  • Q

  • Andrew Querio


  • Dean Rachel
    Belle Radcliffe
    Beverly Raddle
    Thomas Radigan
    Shyamala Rajan
    Abby Ratkovich
    Brande Redfield
    Sharon Reilly
    Kell Reimann
    Anthony Reinerio
    Susan Renwick
    Regan Repsholdt
    Robert Resch
    Jackie Rewerts
    Paul Rewerts
    Donna Richmond
    Donna Rieck
    Terrance Rieck *
    Ginny Riggle
    Neil Ringquist
    Dwight Riske
    Michael Riss
    Darlene Robenhorst
    Chris Roberg
    Chuck Roberg
    Thalia Roberts
    Cindy Robey
  • Joe Robey
    Cheryl Robish
    Carrie Rock
    June Rogers
    Rich Rosenberg
    Robert Rosenberg
    Daniel Rosener
    Jean Rosiak
    Tim Ross
    Beatrice Roy
    Elmer Roy
    Michelle Ruffatti
    Mary Ryan
    Cheryl Ryder

  • S

  • Satish Sachdev
    Rajath Salegame
    Martha Sanders
    Sylvia Sanford
    Anna Sarovich
    Janice Saunders
    Maria Schaffer
    Randal Scheib
    Diane Schlake
    Tad Schlake
    Marjorie Schmitz
  • Jessica Schneider
    Kathleen Schneider
    Carole Schoeck
    Vicky Schreiber
    Jackie Schroder
    Marvin Schroder
    Ann Schultz
    Carol Schultz
    Joseph Schumacher
    Pamela Schumacher
    Carol M. Scott
    Carol S. Scott
    Richard Scott
    Robert Selby
    Hanna Self
    Sonya Sharfaei
    William Sheahan
    Phyllis Shemluck
    Louise Sherman
    Jyoti Sheth
    Robert Shiffler
    Maryam Shirazi
    Kalina Shofstall
    Karin Sidney
    Catherine Sieber
    Darlene Sielisch
    Sheryl Sikora
    Braden Sim
  • Venetia Simaytis
    Don Simonsen
    Mary Ellen Simonsen
    Jack Sims
    LaVora Singleton
    Donald Sivels
    John Skach
    Bonnie Skidmore
    Linda Skisak
    Rich Skubis
    Lynn Slaughter
    Cookie Slavik
    Nancy Slodki
    Clare Slowik
    Carlene Smith
    Dan Smith
    David Smith
    Lee Smith
    Ron Smith
    Janice Sommer
    Ashley Sommerfeldt
    William Sortino
    LeAnn Spencer
    Kathy Sperlak
    Brenda Spitzer
    Jean Spitzer
    Robert Spitzer
    Emma Sprandel
  • Hannah Sprandel
    Lily Stachowiak
    Suzanne Stachura
    Irene Stack *
    Stefan Stasinopoulos
    Meredyth Staunch
    Norman Stein
    Kathleen Stephens
    Patricia Sterbling
    Jessica Steslow
    Ginny Stohr
    Zachary Storc
    Dennis Streicher
    Doris Strom
    Jack Stucky
    Dianna Sunblade
    Arjun Sundararajan
    Luke Sunderland
    Lynn Sung
    Christine Svec
    Jane Swannie *
    George Szewczyk
    Piotr Szpilczynski
    Ruth Szymczak


  • Art Tanimura
    Judy Taus
    Lydia Tausz
    Harriet Ten Kate
    Debbie Teuscher
    Ruth Thorne
    Scott Torrey
    Tina Tosch
    Sandra Tragemann
    Bill Treasurer
    Lorna Turner

  • V

  • Linda Valenti
    Kelsey Van Poucke
    Megan Van Poucke
    Deborah Vanderbilt
    Robert Vanderbilt
    Gary Vandersyde
    Pamela Vanek
    Sally Vargo
    Patricia Vastalo
    Sheri Venouziou
    Rebecca Ventura
    Edward Verkuilen
    Bonnie Vicha
    Wendy Vichick
  • Charles Vihon
    Joseph Virgilio
    Stuart Vogel
    Thomas Von Hoppe
    Susan Voney

  • W

  • Doug Ward
    Mike Warner
    Ellen Watts
    Nancy Wayman
    Ellen Webb
    Victoria Wegner
    Jody Weidman
    Lorree Weipert
    Rowlene Wendoll
    Joanne Wessel
    Emily White
    Christine Wieczorek
    David Wiedemeier
    Sandra Wiedemeier
    Peg Wieser
    Chester Wilczak
    Charlotte Wild
    Robert Wild
    Theresa Wilkins
    Jim Wilkinson
  • Evelyn Williams
    Patricia Willis
    William Wilschke
    Catherine Wilson
    Elizabeth Wilson
    Bernadette Winiarski
    Ellen Winkler
    Amanda Winter
    Madeleine Winter
    Marilyn Wintergerst
    Ryan Wirth
    Marilyn Witney
    Constance Wolf
    Kendall Wolff
    Susan Wolsko
    Thomas Wolsko
    Barbara Woods
    Charles Woods
    Jane Woodward
    Pat Wright

  • Y

  • Elisabeth York


  • Jean Zabinski
    Jerome Zamirowski
    Jody Zamirowski
    Marsha Zaranti
    Jarmila Zemla
    Barbara Zigterman